• How Do I Make My Shopify Site Faster?

    Website speed is an important variable in your store's experience. Slow websites cause users to get frustrated and leave, not to mention the importance for Google's Core Web Vitals. Learn about strategies to make your store load more quickly.

  • How Do You Hire a Freelancer?

    Hiring freelancers can be hard if you do not know what to watch out for. You do not want to get scammed and you want to hire the right person at the right price.

  • Why Work with a Freelancer?

    Why would you want to work with a freelancer when you can work with an agency instead? The benefits and downsides of working with an individual rather than a business with a host of services.

  • Grower-X - Project

    Grower-X sells professoinal-grade dehumidifiers that are primarily used for growing produce in controlled environments to provide a maximum yield. This website supports a consumer-facing and wholesale website all-in-one!

  • Is Site Speed That Important?

    A review on just how important site speed is to your site. Not only how important it is but what also needs to be considered and the surprising answer to a great optimization strategy.

  • Add a "Read More" for Product Descriptions in Shopify

    How to add a read more option to your product descriptions in your Shopify store when they become very long, without using an app.

  • Sweetalicious - Project

    Sweetalicious is a website for a local couple in New Jersey selling candy in lots of fun and creative ways. They wanted off Wordpress and found a great solution with Shopify.

  • What is a Shopify Partner?

    What is a Shopify Partner? The perks and benefits for both developers and ultimately the store owner.

  • Hive of the Ozarks - Project

    Hive of the Ozarks Project - a website built with Eleventy and hosted on Netlify. Also looking to incorporate Ecwid, an ecommerce provider due to having a custom payment gateway integration. #jamstack

  • Local 417 Eats - Project

    Local 417 Eats Project - a website built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. Prettified with TailwindCSS and implements Google Maps API as well. Sprinkle in a little regex. #jamstack

  • Good First Issue - My Own Open Source Project

    My first attempt at an open source project. Promoting accessibility tools and resources for both developers and individuals and families.

  • WC Partners - Project

    WC Partners Project - a website built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. #jamstack

  • The Social Worker Who Codes

    Post from Dev.to when I first started getting into trying to learn in public online.

  • Coffee First - Project

    Coffee First Project - a website built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. Also utilizing Stripe Checkouts. #jamstack

  • Kevin Lane's Catering - Project

    Kevin Lane's Catering Project - a website built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and everyone's favorite - Bootstrap. Still #jamstack

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